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Inspiring Home Library Ideas

A home library is not only pleasing to the eye; it is also good for the mind. When we think “library”, we often think old, dark, and musty. While a classic library feel can be executed in a way that is appealing, it is not the only option for your home library.

Fitting In

You may think there is no space for a library in your home, but that simply is not true. Limited space only means you have a chance to be creative. A long hallway can provide a wall of books, creating a pathway to reading. An existing office can house a small library and reading nook. A formal dining room can double as a home library, or you can use a landing or second story foyer.

If you have children, include them and encourage early reading with a space of their own. A corner full of children’s books can be worked into their own room, or among your books.

A Gentleman’s Home Library

Men sometimes love having a room such as a library to escape to. Create a space that is welcoming to all but focuses on a masculine design aesthetic. The main materials will likely be wood furnishing, leathers, and rich color tones. Bring in accent colors with frames, a mirror, and throw pillows. This will complement the wood and break up heavy colors and textures.

The lighting should be soft and calming for this style of library. There can even be a desk and chair to double as an office. A large leather couch for seating with a throw blanket would be the perfect start to an inviting reading area. Floor-to-ceiling draperies and an area rug can tie all the colors of the room together.

A Bright, Sophisticated Home Library

Some may prefer a lighter and brighter library room; something that is airy, such as a garden library. This look requires light, soothing colors and elegant furnishings. Golds, white tones, and blues mix well and help give that sophisticated look. Bring in potted plants to create a peaceful and soothing environment.

The accessories you choose can make this room feel modern, sophisticated, or classic. The use of vertical lines, geometric shapes, and splashes of navy blue or black and yellow will result in a more modern look. For a sophisticated look stick with paler, softer colors and add glamour with accessories that sparkle and shine. To keep it classic, use a combination of rich colors and textures, along with intricate molding and ceiling details.

Classic Family Room

Your home library can become a classic family room for all to enjoy. Keep in mind that your home library does not have to be full of just books. Family memorabilia will help complete your look with a touch of character and personality. You can also add in small potted plants, as well as special photos in decorative frames.

With any home library design keep in mind that simplicity should rule in a space already full of complexity. Although it is tempting to fill shelves to maximum capacity, leave room to breathe.

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