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About Stewart Custom Homes

Stewart Custom Homes has been the premier luxury home builder in Dallas-Fort Worth since 1979. We have been consistently recognized in the North Texas builder community for our artful designs and signature concepts. We are currently building properties in ColleyvilleSouthlake, and Westlake.


Create the architectural plans.

The journey begins with the initial meeting involving the buyer, plan designer and builder. We will begin by asking a series of questions as it relates to the finish ­out, layout and budget of the house. With the final construction drawings from the architect, the builder can create a construction cost estimate.

Signing a Contract


Obtain the building permits.

The Builder cannot break ground until a building permit is obtained from the municipal government. Once the contract is selected, the builder can collect the remaining documents for the building permit. The builder coordinates all the planning, document requests & analysis, and communication with engineers and specialists as required by the city authority, a process that can range between 6­-10 weeks.


Gather the construction costs.

Construction commences. The Builder will plan and coordinate all work and inspect your new home on a regular basis. Under
the Cost­plus construction contract, the buyer will begin to receive draw requests to cover construction expenses. Draw requests include documentation such as construction costs incurred through the period with copies of invoices and descriptions of work completed from sub­contractors.

Wood Frame of House


Customizing your home.

The buyer will then submit the payment amount of the draw request into the builder’s trust account for payment to subcontractors.
Throughout the building process you will be required to make selections such as plumbing fixtures or paint colors. We have several interior designers we recommend to our clients for selections and budget allowances.

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Our Quality Guarantee

The State of Texas has a statute that requires builders to warranty the following:

General Workmanship – 1 year. General workmanship includes everything from caulk, paint, tile,  grout, and anything within reason.
Mechanical - Includes all electrical and plumbing (Collectively known as MEP) – 2 years
Structural – 10 years. This represents the structural integrity of the foundation and the framing.

Building materials - Such as roof shingles and appliances, also come with their own manufacturer’s warranty.

Also, understanding a builder’s relationship with sub-contractors is very important in assessing the warranty. Builders that have decades-long relationships with sub-contractors give the builder leverage to address warranty items that are no longer covered because of the extensive nature of their relationship.

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Build your dream home.
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