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Home Office Essentials

Start with the Basics

Every home office is modeled around preference and, therefore, each home office will be different. You’ll need the same essentials as most people, but some items will depend of your specific requirements. Your office will, at the very least, include a laptop or desktop computer and a multi-function printer. You should also consider a wireless headset or Bluetooth device for your cell phone or landline, a paper shredder, and a comfortable chair. Equipping your office with the basics will allow you to efficiently complete your tasks.

Designing your Space

When creating the design of your home office, you’ll want to incorporate your task needs with your design preferences to make your space both functional and appealing. You’ll want to create an environment that will allow you to relax and be productive.

Different design materials can give your home office a unique feel. High ceilings will make your space feel more formal, whereas wood materials can give your space a warm and cozy atmosphere while still being elegant and sophisticated.

There are numerous options for you to consider when designing your custom home or re-designing your office space. Maybe you would like a high ceiling with crown molding, or a ceiling with exposed wooden beams to add elegance and rustic charm. Bookcases and cabinets can be built into your space using an entire wall, floor-to-ceiling to fit your book collection, or you could have built in file drawers instead to meet your organizational needs. It is also possible to use different wood finishes to give your home office the look you want. Lighter woods can make your space appear bright and cheerful, while darker finishes can give your space warmth and sophistication. You may want open shelving to display favorite items or photographs to personalize your office.

Lighting is Key

Another aspect to consider in your space is light. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough lighting from windows or other sources to complete your work. A large window with wooden blinds can give you natural light throughout the day while the blinds add visual appeal. You can add recessed or decorative lighting to the ceiling, as well as accessory lights to bookcases.

Stewart Custom Homes specializes in building luxury custom homes and our commitment is to help you through every step of the process! Send us an inquiry and call us at 817-251-5832 to arrange a consultation!

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