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Elements That Make the Perfect Wine Room

Wine aficionados know that storing wine correctly pays off. As a lover of a perfect wine, keep your wine-collection in the best shape with perfect storage while adding value and beauty to your home. Whether you’re remodeling or planning a custom home, you can create a well-appointed wine-room with these important elements.

Wine Racks

Wine is stored horizontally to prevent the corks from drying out. For this purpose, wine-racks were created which allow space-saving, convenient storage of several bottles side by side.

Racks are often made of hardwood, such as mahogany, oak or teak, but you are not limited to using wood. If your home’s interior style is contemporary, you might opt for sleek stainless-steel racks. Antiqued metal racks will bring an industrial style to your wine-room.

Cooling System

It is vital to store wine within the correct temperature range to prevent loss of flavor or rapid aging. Even if your wine-room is located in a cool basement, you will need additional climate control since temperature, humidity, and light fluctuate greatly.

For small quantities of wine, a climate-controlled wine-cabinet within the wine-room can be sufficient. For long-term storage of a large wine selection, however, you should build a traditional climate-controlled wine-cellar. This requires installing a vapor barrier and insulation over external walls as well as ensuring the cellar door is airtight.

Cooling systems for wine-cellars are similar to your home’s cooling system. You can choose from stand-alone units, mini-split systems, or ducted systems. The temperature should be kept at around 58°F, with fluctuations no high than 60°F and no lower than 55°F.


If your home’s climate is dry and your cooling system offers little humidity, you might need to add a humidifier to your wine-room. Ideal humidity for wine storage is around 70 percent, as this prevents corks from drying out. Choose a unit that is attractive or inconspicuous yet still offers high performance.

Cellar Monitoring

When you have invested in valuable wines, you’ll want to keep your investment safe. Cellar monitoring systems alert you to changes in temperature, humidity, or light. Some systems also offer security features such as door sensors and motion activated cameras for theft prevention. Modern monitoring systems allow you to check in on your wine remotely at any time.


Lighting your wine-room the correct way allows you to view your wine selection and show it off to guests without damaging the wine. Light speeds the aging of the wine. Choose bulbs that emit little to no UV light or heat in order to prevent harming the wine.

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right ambiance in your wine-room. For dramatic effects, back light your wine-racks or use accent lighting in addition to overhead lighting. For a luxurious traditional feel, consider a chandelier placed above your wine-testing table. To evoke a contemporary design style, consider recessed lighting.

Cellar Door

The best wine-cellar doors create an airtight seal and allow no infiltration of light. If the room is away from exterior windows, double-pane glass fronts can be used, but otherwise choose solid panel doors. Remember that the cellar door offers your guests their first impression of the contents inside. Choose a door style that complements the design of the cellar’s interior. After you have created the perfect wine-room, it’s time to celebrate. The room, just as the wine it holds, is a beautiful tool for creating warm memories with friends and family.

Are you interested in having your own custom wine-room? Stewart Custom Homes specializes in building luxury custom homes and our commitment is to help you through every step of the process! Call us at 817-251-5832 to arrange a consultation!

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